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Ms. Pearson: Music K-3 & Chorus

           Great Performances!        
Great job, everyone - with BOTH concerts!   Thanks to everyone who helped, too! 

CES Chorus
*January "Warm-up with a Friend" days

*National Anthem:  Who's game for the games? 
* * * * *

"Keys" to GRAND Behavior in Music Class
Make good choices
Use kind words
Show respect
 Involve yourself
Care for our room & 

Be a STARR in Music! 
Classroom expectations

These reminders help everyone have a better experience in music.  

Safety "When safety stops, class stops."  Keep body parts &  germs away from each other; Self-control our bodies
Tolerance and 
Acceptance    Be kind & understanding;  Ignore others' mistakes, but celebrate successes
Respect     Listen, follow, cooperate; and leave things alone unless invited to touch or play with them
Responsibility  Take care of things; Always TRY to do our best!
                Music Minions!              
This year's classroom theme.  Students have enjoyed discovering new minions who are helping to learn the "solfege" pitches of Do, Re, Mi, Sol, and La so far.  In January, more hand signs and pitches on the scale will be learned, along with some new song-stories and movement games. 

Grades 2-3: Meet the Composer! 
Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky  
composed The Nutcracker Suite.  With the new "Four Realms" movie ads on TV, a new generation of children is learning a little bit about this beloved music.  

All of the "active listening" as children hear different instruments, tempos, and other elements is preparing them to begin meeting the orchestra during the upcoming winter months.

Kindergarten:  The "Loo" song was hard to learn at first, but this passage from "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" turned out to be a favorite of several students. Just learning to try music concepts together can be hard, but the new games and singing-stories ahead will make it more fun!
Grade 1: These students have worked hard on all the big steps up from Kindergarten.  January will bring some new music games and concepts, to keep us all active and listening to some new song-stories.  

Grade 2: After learning the Nutcracker March routine, they're ready to move on to more rhythmic fun -- rhythm sticks, beanbags, and drumming will keep away the winter blues!

Grade 3: "The Misers" introduced duet & 2-part singing... it wasn't easy, but rounds & canons are coming soon, along with beginning note-reading before starting recorders.  

Grade 3 Grading  
50% Participation:   What students put IN
Includes Attitude, Effort, Conduct,  Cooperation, & Courtesy 

50% ProgressWhat they take AWAY 
Skill checks & benchmarks  *   Concert Performance

            Sing!  Play!  Move!           
The main objectives for Elementary music classes are all the same -- we just keep building on them!
*To SING:  Hearing, following,  and sharing pitches
*To PLAY:  Reading cues and symbols to create music with chants, games, and classroom instruments
*To MOVE:  Experiencing & exploring rhythms, patterns, beats & contexts through movement
*To PERFORM:  Putting it all together and sharing it with others!