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Mrs. Pearson's Music Classes K-3 and Choruses

March is  Music In Our Schools Month! 

Be a STARR in Music! 
Classroom expectations
(per the students in Sept.)

With cabin fever taking over, these reminders help everyone have a better experience in music.  

S:  Safety 
"When safety stops, class stops."  Keep body parts &  germs away from each other; Self-control bodies

T: Tolerance & 
A: Acceptance
Be kind & understanding;
Ignore others' mistakes; but celebrate successes

R: Respect
Listen, follow, cooperate; and leave things alone unless invited

R: Responsibility
Take care of our things; 
Always TRY to do our best! 
Classes who've worked together and filled their game card with Star stickers will be having special activities soon! 

Grading -- in music?
Yes! It's not just about a concert... but the work it takes to getting there

50% Participation:  
What students put IN
*Attitude, Effort, Conduct,  Cooperation, & Courtesy ...  all part of being a music "STARR"!

50% Progress: a measure of What they take AWAY 
*Skill checks & benchmarks
*Concert behavior
Music Activities
March focus:  "Rhythm, Rainsticks & Rainbows"
Irish & African beats, songs, steps, & music games

 But... How do we learn new music, if we can't read it? 
That's their "big question." 
The answers?   
*Listening, watching, repeating, and always trying!

All classes are learning:
*To sing PITCHES (how high or low)  with listening and following "hand-singing" signals;

*To see & feel RHYTHMS  (how quick or long the sounds are)  by "Ta" and "Ti-Ti"  (single & double)  symbols & chants;

*To play RHYTHMS (the combinations of the sounds)  by following the patterns we SEE, and by using our bodies to move, chant, tap, and dance

*To learn NEW SONGS  (especially for the concert!)  by putting it all together!  

 Echo me, Mirror me, Follow me, Sing with Me! 
* * *

And in each grade... 

Kindergarten:  Out like a lion, in like a... mouse?  Animal songs & antics to have some silly & creative movement as we learn our "mouse" music

Grade 1: Time for our new Rhyme of the Month & songs of the month!  Repetition, rainbows, and some jungle activity will reinforce what's new.

Grade 2: Rainsticks & Rhythm Sticks!    Reading rhythms can be easier to understand, when we look at notes first as simply pictures of sounds and silences.  Keeping a beat can be easier, too, when we work together, and play it with simple things like "recycled percussion" drums, beanbags, and coffee cans.  
*Donations of large, clean plastic containers with lids (like coffee & oatmeal canisters) are welcome! 

Grade 3:  New Instruments!  The Recorder unit is underway...  and so is learning to read the "real" notes on the treble staff.  (Hint:  The "G" clef wraps itself around "G").  It's just a 7-letter alphabet up & down from there. 
Be patient - it takes LOTS of skills, control, and practice (plus encouragement) to learn to play an instrument.  

Coming Events:

Friday, March 16:  
Special performance for K-8 by CA & CES band & chorus students!

Friday, March 30:
"Chaos & Kindness" 
A Recycled Percussion program 

Thursday, May 10, 
6:30 pm
   CES & CA Ensembles Concert
a multi-cultural trip through time & music

Thursday, May 17, 
6:30 pm
CES  K-8 Concert: 
Grades 7 & 8 General Music class ensembles

K-6 Combined
 "Welcome to the Jungle"

Taming the jungle through kindness and friendship:  It's all about a lion and a mouse, drums & xylophones, and everyone working together! 

Stay tuned for details about your child's "animal" role in the show!