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Mrs. Johnsen- Art

Art Class at CES

Learning to draw and think creatively helps prepare students for the future!
The truth is that learning to paint, create a website, or design an energy-efficient home requires mastering skills which are often invisible to the naked eye, but are developed through a strong visual arts education.

We have begun a new initiative through PBIS (Positive Behavior Instructional Strategies).  All specialists will be tracking behaviors in order for classes to earn a reward of their choosing.  In art classes I will be looking to see if students meet behavioral expectations such as talking quietly, staying seated and on task, raising hands to speak and treating each other kindly.  All of these expectations fall under the simple idea of "respect".  Thank you, in advance, for your support of this goal.

Another successful Curriculum Fair!

Our Finished Rock Installation - CES making the school, community and world a "BETTER PLACE"!.

The Week of April 9th

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Grades 1 & 2:  We'll be learning about the cubist painter Pablo Picasso this week.  We'll take our inspiration from his famous Posy painting and do a mixed media piece that will ring in the Spring season! We'll put the finishing touches on this, this week.

Grades 3 & 4:  We will continue our Native American Unit this week.  Students will work with clay to create a pinch pot informed by the beautiful pottery created by our native people.  We'll have the opportunity to paint these with traditional designs when they've dried.

Grades 5 & 6. 6th graders willbegin a unit work of Leonardo Da Vinci. This is a collaborative effort between myself an Mr. Sutter's social Studies classes. They are studying the Renaissance in social studies.  In art we will work on "Inventions".  Students will create detailed drawings of a machine they'd be interested in inventing, if they had the knowledge and capabilities.  What would make a task easier?  What would be something that would be fun to use?

Grades 7 & 8:  We're working on a variety of projects in grades 7 & 8.  7S will continue Japanese Sumie' painting, 8S and 7H will continue their Foil Repousse' patterns and 8LH will continue work on their Gustav Klimt inspired scratchboard pieces.  8th grade classes that are finished with these assignments will learn about the Pop artist Eduardo Paolozzi and his famous sculpture "The Last Idol".  They'll be working collaboratively to create colorful wood sculptures based on this piece.

The Mural is official finished.  Come visit our school to see the beautiful work in person!

This year's table artists!

Wassily Kandinsky

  Da Vinci's Mona Lisa

  Frank Stella