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Mrs. Hastings- Grade 2

              Mrs. Hastings' Class
                ** Grade 2 ** 
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 Happy Thanksgiving! 

November 13th - 21st

This will be the specials schedule for this year.
Mon. -  Code/Keybd.    Tues. -  Music       Wed. -  Art      Thurs. -  Gym       Fri. - Gym
                                      Reminders/Updates -

                               **  Read for 20 minutes for at least four nights a week **  

                                 ** Reading logs due Friday mornings**

                                 ** No school on Wed., Nov. 22nd - Fri. 24th **
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Mrs. Hastings - Grade 2

Fab Five : (Need to be able to read these) 

  None yet    

Reading -   This week and next we will not be reading a new story.  We will be reviewing previously read stories for fluency and skills.  We are continuing to practice reading strategies and fluency.   The students will be doing some of the ELA program in Study Island.   

Story Words :  (Need to be able to read these)  


Amazing Words- Students don't need to spell or read all of these words.  They just need to know what they mean when they hear them.  These words are in some of our readings this week.


   Our question of the week - 


Spelling  -  We will be reviewing spelling patterns already taught.  
         No spelling test this week or next.  


Note regarding RtI time -  
Individual classroom teachers are responsible for the teaching of reading, math, and writing skills to their own classroom students.  During the 30 min. RtI time students divide up into various groups and go to get some additional reading, math, or writing instruction or skill reinforcement.                          

Language -      We are discussing handwriting expectations and letter formations.  The students are discussing proper nouns.  We are also working on some creative writing pieces for Thanksgiving.  We are also writing notes for the holidays for men and women in the service who may not get to go home.

Math -   The students are working on number sense, patterns, and  mental math.  We are practicing double digit addition and subtraction without trading (regrouping).   The students are also doing some work with telling time and graphs.  We are continuing to work in our math journals wtih some problem solving.

        ** Math Games** 

Science -   We are finishing our work on the Monarch's Migration.  The symbolic butterflies have begun to arrive in Mexico.  Hopefully ours will arrive soon!   We will be reading some Thanksgiving nonfiction and doing some responses connected to the reading.
Social Studies and Global Awareness -   We are reviewing what  STARR means.  We are continuing to 'Fill others' buckets'.  Stories about Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving are being read and discussed.  We are also using maps as we discuss the Monarch's Migration route.


**Tip of the Week ** 

   Some children need to practice number sense and understanding number bonds.  One way to work on this is to give a child a number (within the range the child should know) and have him come up with a number of different ways to get to that number or to break that number up.

 Example -  36
26 + 10 =        38 -2 =       20 +10+6 =
25+11=       46-10=       18+18=  

6+6=     7+5=     14-2=     
12+0=     10+2=     4+4+4=     

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    ** Goggles and Glitter in Grade 2 **