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Ms. Grant Grade 2

             “Inside every child is a rainbow waiting to shine.”

I have scheduled the field trip to the NCCRC for June 5th

with a rain date of June 6th

Information about this will come home closer to the date of the event.



  Please Note:

The school wide expectation for students is to read or be read to for at least 20 minutes a night.

What We’re Learning

  Our school this year will be emphasizing the Responsive Classroom, which is an emphasis on establishing rules and appropriate behavior using consistent language and techniques all day long.

 Goals, expectations and the “social curriculum” in the first few weeks of school are critical to the overall success of the entire year.  We are working on a sense of group, establishing rules/consequences, and guided discovery. 

Building a sense of group includes simple group activities that help the children get to know each other better.  Guided discovery is a method by which areas of the room or classroom materials are introduced slowly and deliberately to the whole class. 

We will also do a variety of activities and assessments that will allow individuals to show where they are academically.  This will allow for the teacher to better meet the needs of each student. 

What We’re Learning

Math:   We will spend the rest of the year reviewing and mastering the math skills that we have learned so far this year.  This includes addition/subtraction fluency, addition/ subtraction with and without regrouping, identifying and counting money, telling time, measuring lengths, estimating, rounding, and interpreting data on a graph.

Reading: We continue to read from our reading text books each day and have centers that involve the iPads and our weekly spelling words.  The class enjoys being read aloud to and modeling fluency is essential in learning to read.  We will read “Big Bad Bruce” by Bill Peet.  With this story we will explore literary elements such as; character, setting, problems/solutions, and themes. 

Writing:  We will be working on our informational writing about Arctic animals and start a narrative writing piece about superheroes.

Social Studies/Science These subjects are integrated into reading and writing.  We have Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines that we read each week

Our spelling words for the week of May 7 - 11

taught   talk   caught   chalk  

thaw   because   draw   auto      

fault   August   walk   launch  

Important Reminders

Upcoming Events

ü The “Pedaling Through the Pages” reading incentive sheets are due on May 7th.  A new sheet will be sent home each Monday.

ü The Spring Music Concert will be on Thursday, May 17th at 6:30.

ü On May 18th, for about an hour, we will be outside doing community service projects.













Lunch Menu

Main Meal Option

May 7 to 11


Hot Dog







Sloppy Joe

Each week when I send home the newsletter I will include the main meal menu for the following week.

Each day the choices are:

Main Meal

Deli Sandwich (Ham, Turkey, or Sunbutter & Jelly)

Parfait (yogurt w/fruit)

Chef Salad

Cold Lunch (from home)

Milk is an option during PM snack each day.

Prices are as follows:

Lunch (k-5) -$2.55 

Snack Milk- $.50

The school store is open every Thursday.  There are items for sale as low as $.25 and as high as $2.00.

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