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Mr. Sutters - Grade 6-8 Social Studies

Middle School
Social Studies

6A and 6B

This week both sixth grade classes will continue their study of American geography including;

  • major mountain chains such as the Rockies and the Appalachians
  • we'll also take a look at major bodies of water including;
    • the Great lakes
    • the Pacific, Atlantic oceans and the Gulf of Mexico
Both classes will have an exam on U.S. geography on Wednesday or Thursday.

7A and 7B

Ancient Egypt continues.

Lives of common women in ancient Egypt will dominate the week.  Each class will be given ample research time to produce an artifact of their choice.  Notes from the research will be reviewed and receive a "work" grade followed by a quiz grade for their final artifact on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday will be invested in researching Nubia and the regions of;
  • Napata
  • Meroe
  • Kerma

8A and 8B

Our continuing study of the American revolution continues;

  • Mid-Atlantic battles such as Trenton and Princeton with emphasis on guerrilla style warfare.  In addition, we'll study the Declaration of Independence and Founding fathers such as Jefferson, Franklin, and New Hampshire's own Mathew Thornton.