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Mrs. Johnsen

Congratulations to the following students for winning awards at the 13th Annual Regional High School Art Show
Teachers Awards - Taylor Siewierski and Caitlynn Gleason
Honorable Mention - Danielle DeBlois
4th Place - Mackenzie Scherer
3rd Place - Kendra Learned
2nd Place - Jonathan Scherer
1st Place Karissa Roberts
Best of Show - Karissa Roberts

Studio I, II, III

    CA Rules
    Completion of all assignments
    Care of tools, materials and classroom
Tool Boxes
    Students are responsibility for care of tool boxes.  Students will be billed at the end of the term for missing or broken items.
    Written responses are expected to be completed after each assignment.

Assignments - Studio Art I, II, III
    • Portfolio Design
      • Use your name to create a cohesive, pleasing design
    • Zentangle Ensemble, Advanced Zentangle Design, 3D Zentangle Letter
    • Elements and Principles Lecture
    • Drawing Unit
      • Value Scale
      • Simple Still Life
      • Complex Still Life of folded paper shapes.
      • Op Art Painting
      • Ceramics Unit - Leaf and Illustrative Double Pinch Pot

Drawing and Painting
  • Drawing exercises
    • Blind Contour
    • Contour
    • Gesture Drawing
    • Drawing Negative Space
  • Assignment
    • Full Value Still Life Drawing
    • Monochromatic Still Life Painting
    • Sumie' Painting
    • Metamorphosis
    • Landscape Paintings - Acrylic and Watercolor
    • Pen and Ink Drawing

Mosaic Mirrors by Advanced Independent Study Students


              Completed Mural!